Why was the late football player Chris Henry such a jackass?

Researchers now say Henry was suffering from a “chronic brain injury” at the time of his death last December. Henry was killed when he fell out of the back of a pickup during a domestic dispute and struck his head. That culminated a series of bizarre actions by the former Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver.

Doctors at West Virginia University (where Henry played his college ball) took slices of Henry’s brain and examined them under a microscope. They found that Henry had a condition called chronic traumatic encephalopathy or CTE. It’s a progressive brain disease caused by head trauma. The doctors concluded that Henry’s brain injury could have “impacted his behavior” and caused him to act like such a nut. A judge who once sentenced Henry referred to him as “a one-man crime spree.”

One of the doctors who examined Henry’s brain called the results “profound.” Henry was only 26 at the time of his death and had never formally been diagnosed as suffering from a concussion during his entire career. Yet, the cumulative trauma to his brain from being hit so often playing football was diagnosed as “behavior altering.”


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One Response to “CHRIS HENRY’S BRAIN”

  1. Kevin Says:

    Hey Pig,

    Remember what an insensitive ass you were when Henry died? Truly the most ridiculous post I’ve read on your blog, and the only other one that has compelled me to comment. (feel free to check) And even now you call him a jackass. This guy must have done something to you at some point? Even still I hope you feel a little silly about denigrating a dead man who, turns out, was actually really sick.

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