You may not have been aware of it, but there was a major scandal that rocked the sports world recently. A professional fisherman named Mike Hart was recently banned for life from the Pro Bass Tour. Hart was caught cheating by adding lead weights to the bodies of fish he caught.

Hart got caught because the tour has a catch-and-release program. When his fish died they were donated to a charity fish fry. During the eating of Hart’s catches, the weights were discovered. Hart was one of the professional bass tour’s money leaders.

Ironically, in another case of life immitating art, this entire plot was predicted years ago by Florida newspaper reporter-turned mystery writer Carl Hiaasen in one of his books.

If you think bass fishing is a joke as a pro sport, then apparently you’re not aware of the high-stakes money involved. Hundreds of thousands of dollars in prize money are at stake. There have been multiple scandals involving planting already caught fish and other forms of cheating.

ESPN even has a fantasy bass fishing league where you can draft fishermen just like running backs or shortstops in other fantasy sports.


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