You have to give Craig Smallwood of Hawaii some credit. If he wins his current lawsuit he will get to go into the Slacker Hall of Fame. Smallwood is suing the manufacturer of Lineage II, saying the video game ruined his life.

Wired magazine got a copy of Smallwood’s lawsuit. It contends that NCsoft failed to warn customers that its video game is “addictive.” Smallwood says between 2004 and 2009 he spent 20,000 hours playing Lineage II. His attorneys claim he is “unable to function” because of his video game addiction.

Among the things Smallwood can allegedly no longer do because of video game addiction:

* getting up in the morning

* getting dressed

* bathing

* communicating with friends and family

It wasn’t included in the lawsuit but “having sex” should probably been added to the list.


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