Sometimes throughout the course of history a photographic image appears that COMPLETELY captures a particular event or moment in time. On such occassions we are witness to HISTORY. Rarely do such moments happen in sports. Thanks to the brilliant work of Steve Cofield of Yahoo! Sports, we had such a moment yesterday. The image was a rather unpleasant one-James Toney’s ass crack:

Welcome to August 28, 2010-the day that the sport of boxing died. Toney is a respected heavyweight boxer (hell, he’s the current IBA Heavyweight Champion) who’s making the transition to Mixed Martial Arts. Toney is fighting Ultimate Fighting Championship legend Randy Couture at UFC 118 in Boston tonight. Couture is going to kill him. Toney weighed in at 237 pounds. That’s the heaviest he’s ever been in his entire career. In fact, it’s more than 20 pounds heavier than Toney weighed in his last boxing match. As Toney makes the switch from boxing to UFC, it appears he never trained for his fight against Couture. Unbelievable!

Last year, UFC surpassed boxing in total pay-per-view buys. UFC has already FAR surpassed boxing in popular culture. Hollywood cast Rampage Jackson in “The A-Team” and Randy Couture in  “The Expendables.” Quick, other than Manny Pacquiao or Floyd Mayweather Jr., name a boxer. ANY boxer?

Notice UFC president Dana White chortling in the background of Toney’s weigh-in. White’s a former boxer. He knows that when Toney (a heavyweight champion for Christ’s sake!) goes out and get’s his ass kicked by a 47-year-old man the sport of boxing is officially dead. NOBODY will take boxers seriously ever again. The only fans the sport has right now are over 60 anyway. Boxing will have officially died with Dana White as the sport’s personal executioner.

The way it look’s now, White hand-picked Toney as the “big-name” fighter to make the jump to UFC. White chose well, picking a lazy, stupid, undisciplined athlete who didn’t even bother to train for the event. Then, he apparently sent boxes of donuts up to Toney’s room every night. Friday’s weigh-in made Cofield wonder out loud, “Did Toney take this fight seriously?” Find out the answer tonight at UFC 118.

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One Response to “THE DEATH OF BOXING”

  1. Dave Says:

    James Toney by knockout.

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