First, the GOP nominee for governor of New York came out against the Statue of Liberty. Now, a Republican candidate for the Washington State House of Representatives is on record as hating the Girl Scouts.

Hans Zeiger, the Republican nominee for district 25 in the Washington House race called Girl Scouts “lesbians” and “atheists.” Zeiger also claimed the Girl Scouts were “pro-abortion, pro-homosexual” and guilty of promoting a “secret feminist agenda.” An embarrassed Zeiger eventually had to disavow his remarks and scrub them from his website after media and voter backlash.

But where would Zeiger get such insane ideas about an all-American organization like the Girl Scouts? Well, first, the “Girl-Scouts-are-lesbians” meme is now a standard Tea Party talking point. And, this is not just right-wing blogger hysteria. A columnist from the Washington Times name Austin Ruse pitched the same anti-Girl Scout rhetoric based on one Planned Parenthood leaflet allegedly found at ONE Girl scout meeting in Washington D.C.- a leaflet which the scouts denied knowing anything about.

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  1. Cliff Says:

    I live in the district Hans Zeiger hopes to represent. We elect two representatives each even numbered year. The Republican incumbent, Bruce Dammeier, has endorsed Zeiger despite Zeiger’s extreme views. (Tacoma News-Tribune, April 16, 2010.)

    Zeiger’s slur of the Girl Scouts is only one part of his hatred. In his book about the Boy Scouts, Get Off My Honor, he says, “Churches fail to speak for manly virtue.” (Page 55.) He denies that Episcopalians are Christians. (World Net Daily June 22, 2006.) He disdains “Unitarians, mainstream Baptists, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, members of the ‘Military Pagan Network’ and other watered-down ecumenists.” (World Net Daily May 6, 2004.)

    Zeiger labels the PTA “decadent” (World Net Daily November 13, 2004.) and his public school as the “local government indoctrination center.” (World Net Daily November 13, 2004.) He believes “government is not meant to be in the college-aid business,” (Seattle Times May 24, 2003.) which can’t be good news for the University of Washington, Washington State, and the other state supported universities and community colleges where in-state students by definition receive aid in the form of in-state tuition rates.

    Zeiger has both disclaimed his writings as youthful and tried to hide them (Tacoma News-Tribune September 2, 2010), but they reveal his core character—both his mind and his heart. They show that Zeiger is entirely too extreme to represent our district.

    With Zeiger so clearly out of the mainstream, it is extraordinary that Bruce Dammeier thinks Zeiger would be a worthy colleague. Given what we now know about Zeiger, if Dammeier won’t abandon Zeiger, then he too is unqualified to serve the District and the State.

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