Terrific, you can now add Campbell’s Soup to the Girl Scouts and the Statue of Liberty as things that lunatic Tea Party douchebags have now deemed unAmerican.

The same far right blogger who started the anti-Muslim Ground Zero Mosque controversy has managed to gin up a firestorm of controversy over the fact that Campbell’s now sells some soups in Canada and around the world that comply with halal dietary guidelines. Just like there’s kosher soups and Kelloggs has been selling halal-friendly cereal since 1988. Also, the soups have been on store shelves for almost a year.

No matter. Apparently when you eat soup the terrorists have won. Simply by making a free market decision to even consider selling soup to a billion potential Muslim customers, Campbell’s has incurred the wrath of the angry right. There is now even a Facebook page dedicated to boycotting Campbell’s Soup for being pro-Muslim.

The ignorance of the soup boycott has made America an international laughingstock.

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