Time for another dead member of the New York Yankees to roll over in his grave. A gay prison website HotPrisonPals.com claims to have uncovered a nude photo of former Yankees outfielder Mickey Mantle. The photo was supposedly taken in the 1950’s and was posted on the site.

This story comes a year after a picture of “Joltin’ Joe” DiMaggio’s penis was unleashed on an unwitting American public. The New York Post “broke” the story on Mantle’s penis.

Although the nude picture of DiMaggio was apparently authenticate and was even displayed in a San Francisco art gallery, there is doubt over the Mantle photo’s authenticity. In 2008, somebody tried to sell a naked picture of Willie Mays on e-Bay.

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One Response to “YANKEE ZIPPER”

  1. Sam Wagner Says:

    Hey Guys…..What is a gay prison website? A gay site I would think would be just for gays. Most of the people who visit our site our straight Women. In fact the Percentage of Straight Women is 75% to 25% Gay Men. Most of the Inmates on our site are straight…looking for women. I guess Perez Hiltons site would be condidered a gay site by your standards also. It’s the 21 Century Guys…..get with the program.

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