The suspense is over regarding the most soap-operaesque details of the Chilean mining disaster. Yonni Barrios became the 21st of the trapped miners pulled to the surface Wedneday. Barrios was greeted on the surface by his mistress, not his wife. Details of Barrios’ love life were revealed when both his wife and his mistress tearfully turned up after he was revealed to be one of the surviving miners who was trapped underground.

In arguably the most hilarious coverage of the mining rescue, MSNBC actively lobbied for Barrios to choose the mistress over the wife. MSNBC also called Barrios “the biggest hero” of the underground ordeal. Barrios is a paramedic who tended to his fellow miners during their 69 days trapped underground.






  1. amelia Says:

    Hooray for the Other Woman !!! We are not all the proverbial scarlet woman, but ove our man through and through!!! If put in a similar situation I would definitely show up and stand my ground.

  2. Pinky Says:

    No you are every bit of Proverbial, Scarlet and a Easy A. Your man? I dont think so. Mistress? Operative word. Your second best, behind the scenes. The wife was a splendor idiot for not showing up. After 28 years the wife earned her place in his life I would have showed up and made here leave period. Let him tell me to my face that she’s what he wants. If he left with her so be it but I doubt it.

  3. amelia Says:

    ‘the wife was a splendor idiot’ operative word: idiot. ‘after 28 years…earned her place’ longevity does not equal loving kindness.

    The point I am making here is that sometimes/often it is the woman in the unofficial liason who is the true love, not the one who the law acknowledges.

    It is a sad truth that too often relationships erode into endurance contests. For many reasons partners are not able to sever the legal ties even though their hearts are no longer there. My lover and I have been together close to 20 years and the spark is still there. He is here for me in sickness and in health, is loving, romantic and, yes, at over 70 years old, still physically attentive to me. And I celebrate all that. I have been to him what his ‘wife’ has refused to be. And I love every inch of him. He has shown me what love truly is. And when we go to church, I thank God that She has given me my lover’s example of love to help me understand the unconditional love of the Almighty.

    Peace to you and yours….I hope and pray that what I am writing will enter your heart and open it up to all expressions of God’s love…even those not sanctioned by the government.

  4. mariposa Says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with Amelia. As evidenced by the plight of our gay friends and neighbors who love without being allowed the legal benefits of official marriage, it is NOT the edict of law that makes a relationship valid, it is the spirit and the love within it which validates it.

    For a woman to commit to a man who is legally bound elsewhere, the commitment is enormous. I applaud and commend Susana for being strong and loving enough to stand up against negative world opinion and hold true to the love she and Yonni have.

    As for the so-called wife, let her crawl back into the darkness/negativity she came out of, since she did not care enough to be there when he emerged from depths.

    And my words to Yonni — you were (metaphorically, allegorically and literally speaking) given a second chance when you were spewed out of the vaginal orifice of that deep, deep womb-like cave. Take this experience very seriously and choose the one who loves you and was driven by that love to stand up to world opinion and be there to greet you at your rebirth.

    Peace to you and yours Yonni and Susana

  5. janet Says:

    Shame on you, Pinky. (Isn’t pink just a variation of scarlett, anyway? Strange that you should pick that particular colour as your nom de plume). Instead of casting aspersions, you opt out by citing endurance over affection.

    Being a lover in the shadow of a legal wife cannot be easy, but I applaud those women, like Susana, who opt for this lifestyle knowing that SHE is the one who is loved,t the legal wife. And, actually, to hell with the ‘legal’ (for what that is worth) wife.

    And thank you Mariposa for pointing out the similarity of situations between the ‘mistress’ and the same sex lover. Hopefully one day our judicial system will iron out these problems and we will ALL be able to live in non-conjugial bliss.

    To quote Mariposa, “peace to you and yours”. And strength and bravery to all those women out there who love the men they are not legally bound to! Perhaps we should issue a rallying slogan, maybe “Mistresses of the World, Unite and Cry Out” or something like that !!


  6. Pinky Says:

    Amelia: I see you are the other women in your relationship so that speaks for why you’re taking sides with the mistress. 20 years? That’s a long time. If he loves you through sick and health then why hasnt he left his wife? You said that you do for him what his wife is not. But I guess if I can have my cake and eat it too then hell why not? I have the best of both worlds a wife and a mistress. I heard that. Good luck to you.

    Mariposa: What’s so negative about the wife? Because she showed dignity by not appearing along with THE MISTRESS? She was a lady who for the sake of her family and embarrassment choose to stay behind and wish him well from a distance. She was happy that he was ok it was a blessing no need to put more salt on her wound by appearing next to his mistress after 28 years I’m sure he knows what’s in her heart.

    Janet: Not for certain what the validity of your comment in regards to pink being a variation of scarlett means but whatever it’s a screen name nothing strange about it. My comment has nothing to do with endurance or affection. It’s about the principal and the respect. You seen it on his face when he surfaced he kept his mistress at bay while she was doing all the huggin and kissing why? Because he knows that his WIFE was watching his CHILDREN was watching and GRANDCHILDREN. He has a family. A Kindred. Wednesday’s events may have cost him the very thing that he loves and what does he have left? What the mistress? PLEASE.

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