The National Basketball Association may be headed towards labor Armageddon. Forget the status quo, NBA commissioner David Stern flat out stated Thursday he wanted to trim player salaries by about a third to save about $750-800 million dollars.

Ken Berger of CBS Sports also claims the league is deadly serious about gassing some of its weakest link teams. The Charlotte Bobcats, Minnesota Timberwolves, Milwaukee Bucks and particularly the Memphis Grizzlies have already been floated as possible candidates for contraction. Other NBA parasites like the Toronto Raptors and L.A. Clippers are also in trouble. You can also forget about the NBA expanding to new cities like Las Vegas with the brutal economy. That may also spell doom to formerly viable franchises like the Sacramento Kings who can’t get a new arena.

Players are bracing for brutal givebacks or an inevitable lockout for the 2011-12 NBA season. The league claims it will lose between $340 and $350 million this upcoming season. Among the proposed money-saving solutions is a hard salary cap, specifically designed by whiny sore loser teams who now want to break up the Miami Heat after they secured ALL of the available free agent talent this offseason. However, a hard cap would guarantee the breakup of every successful, profitable team in the league. Under a hard salary cap, the Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat would be destroyed and those are the only franchises selling tickets, making money and creating a buzz.

The NBA is so adament about getting givebacks from the players union that they’ve apparently already set a lockout date. ESPN is reporting that date is July 3, 2011. Chris Sheridan of is reporting there is a “30-40 percent” chance of a lockout.

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