If you’ve ever read the book “Moneyball,” the hero of Michael Lewis’ best-seller was young executive Paul DePodesta. Or, rather, DePodesta’s computer. DePodesta was GM Billy Beane’s right-hand man with the Oakland A’s.

Following the release of “Moneyball,” DePodesta was hired as GM of the Los Angeles Dodgers, The Dodgers won a division title in DePodesta’s one season as a Big League general manager before he was fired by the crazy-ass McCourts.

One of the first moves by recently named New York Mets general manager Sandy Alderson was to hire DePodesta as part of his effort “to get the band back together” and hire a number of former A’s executives.

DePodesta became famous for leading the A’s to 103 wins and an A.L. West title in 2002 after his computer came up with career backup catcher Scott Hatteberg as the replacement for A.L. MVP Jason Giambi. DePodesta is also famous for suing to get his name removed from “Moneyball” the movie. He was apparently unhappy with the choice of a fat guy (Jonah Hill) to play him while Brad Pitt was cast as the Billy Beane character.

In recent years DePodesta has worked for the San Diego Padres and been a blogger.

Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game

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