The Canadian media is pissed, but Miami Heat power forward Chris Bosh has flat out admitted he changed basketball teams this offseason soley for the exposure.

Bosh told a group of Canadian writers he left the Toronto Raptors because, “Really, it’s all about being on tv at the end of the day.” Bosh added, “A guy can average 20 and 10 (points and rebounds), and nobody really cares. If you don’t see it (on U.S. national television), then it doesn’t really happen.”

Bosh joined LeBron James and Dwyane Wade signing with the Miami Heat this offseason. The Heat play the maximum allowable number of games on ABC, ESPN and TNT. The Heat season opener set the all-time ratings record for TNT Tuesday. Their game against the Boston Celtics was the most watched NBA game in cable television history.

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