Apparently, former Penn State and NFL running back Larry Johnson isn’t planning on returning to professional football any time soon. The website dissed Johnson by referring to him as a current “party DJ.”

In reality, Johnson made his Vegas debut recently and has been announced as the afterhours DJ for Drai’s on the Las Vegas Strip. Johnson a former Pro Bowl runner with the Kansas City City Chiefs was cut early this season by the Washington Redskins. He is only 31.



One Response to “LARRY JOHNSON NOW A DJ”

  1. Shaniqua Says:

    WOW! That must be a big transition in alternating careers from all star pro athlete to D.J. You seem to be in your zone. I can admire someone who ia not afraid to think outside the box. I recently was curious to know the man behind the spin tables. I have a great passion for music and love to dance. I especially enjoy in my spare time listening to the Usher feat Jay-Z trach Hot toddy. I wonder how many times that hit rotation in your musical list. My perspective on life is you have to enjoyed, conqueor and savor the moment. As a strong balck woman Nashay has always taken care and look out for her self. Respect
    I hope this change of pace is what you have passion for and it is something that you wnat to further expand on.

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