Wahington Redskins coach Mike Shanahan may get his “genius” card revoked. Shanahan inexplicably pulled an ineffective Donovan McNabb at quarterback Sunday and replaced him with legendary loser Rex Grossman. Granted, McNabb had thrown an interception and been sacked on fourth down on the’Skins previous two possessions. However, Wahington was still in position to WIN the game.

Trailing 31-25 with 1:45 left in the game, Shanahan benched McNabb, his franchise quarterback, and inserted Grossman. Nobody (short of boxer Bernard Hopkins) could explain the move. Sure, McNabb has played poorly all season but never the less the Redskins entered Sunday’s game against Detroit with a WINNING record. Instead of thanking McNabb or even letting him TRY to win the game, Shanahan went with Grossman. The results were predictable.

In fairness, Grossman didn’t throw a single incompletion in the entire next drive. Unfortunately, that was solely because he coughed up the ball on Washington’s first play from scrimmage. Lions defensive superstar rookie Ndamukong Suh bumrushed Grossman, stripped the ball, and ran it in for a game-sealing touchdown. Although they ended up losing 37-25, Washington would have been in great position to win the game had they simply stuck with McNabb. Instead, Grossman still hasn’t completed a single pass this season and has yet to win an NFL game since 2007.

In one of the most brutally frank examples of color commentary/analysis in network television history, Rodney Harrrison of NBC trashed Grossman. Harrison said, “I wouldn’t put Rex Grossman in a two minute offense in a high school game.”


Harrison would know. He was a longtime star NFL defensive back and a contemporary of Grossman’s.

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