The New York Daily News is reporting that the District Attorney Office in Queens is investigating the clubhouse manager of the New York Mets. Charlie Samuels is suspected of betting on baseball and stealing from the Mets.

The DA’s office is contending Samuels is part of an organized crime ring that bet on baseball. Samuels was “caught on wiretaps” betting on baseball games according to the Daily News.

That would be enough to get him kicked out of baseball for life but Samuels’ problems don’t end there. He also apparently embezzled money from the Mets for the specific purpose of gambling. Samuels would often write himself a check from the Mets then later pay the money back two or three weeks later. He apparently didn’t pay back all of the money.

Samuels is now also suspected of stealing a bunch of equipment from the Mets and re-selling it. Samuels had worked for the Mets for 27 years. He was paid $80,000 annually but according to the Daily News his tax returns showed he made $700,000 last year. Samuels even has houses in the Hamptons and the Carribean.

This case may be linked to the 2005 incident in which a Mets groundskeeper was found to be part of a $360 million gambling ring with ties to the Bonnano crime family.

Charlie Samuels


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