Congratulations to Oliver McCall. The 45-year-old drug addict added another “championship” belt to his boxing resume Tuesday. The acknowledged crack addict defeated veteran Fres Oquendo to capture the IBF Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship.

McCall was the heavyweight champion of the world in 1994 after defeating Lennox Lewis. In the 1997 rematch, McCall had one of the most epic in-ring meltdowns in boxing history. In two of the rounds McCall literally refused to fight. He actually CRIED in the ring. A confused Lewis (refusing to fight a defenseless, crying man) staggered to a decision. McCall was discovered to be suffering from a variety of drug and mental health issues.

Besides the Lewis crying debacle, McCall is famous for having a nervous breakdown and attacking a Christmas tree in a Nashville hotel. McCall has also been to drug rehab “numerous” times, been tasered by police and once spit on a cop.



  1. Brett Says:

    Former heavyweight-boxing champion Oliver “The Atomic Bull” McCall was re-arrested for drug charges in Broward County, Florida earlier this month.

    Oliver McCall shocked the boxing world in 1994 when he knocked out then-current WBC Heavyweight Champion, Lennox Lewis. The rematch in 1997 was brought to a halt when McCall had a psychological melt down during the fight and began crying, forcing the referee to stop the fight.

    Outside of his fights in the ring, the heavyweight fighter has also battled drug addiction and legal problems. In February of this year, McCall was scheduled to fight Zuri Lawrence, a fight that, if victorious, would have reestablished McCall’s prominence in the boxing world and possibly placed him back into contention in the heavyweight division. However, McCall was arrested for possession of cocaine and paraphernalia the weekend prior, preventing him from fighting. Despite the arrest, McCall was able to get another big fight, this time against Fres Oquendo, on December 7 of this year. The former champ won a split decision over the favored Oquendo. Two days after his latest victory, McCall was again arrested, now for possession of cannabis and a violation of a municipal ordinance.

    His latest run-in with the law found the former champ sitting in the Broward County jail without bond; this new arrest caused McCall to violate the terms of his probation stemming from the February cocaine charge. As a result of the probation violation, McCall was facing six 6 years in Florida State Prison. His criminal score sheet had him scoring out mandatory prison time; his previous encounters with the system had caught up to him.

    The “Atomic Bull” was able to overcome the odds once again when South Florida Criminal Defense Attorney, Roger P. Foley, entered the courtroom mere days before Christmas and fought along side of McCall. Attorney Foley was before the court on another criminal matter when he overheard a court deputy calling Oliver McCall’s name. The deputy was gathering the inmates from the courtroom and taking them back to jail when Mr. Foley recognized the ex-champ as a previous client he had saved from a jail sentence only a few years prior. After speaking with McCall, the savvy defense attorney recalled the case of State of Florida vs. Oliver McCall, causing the State Attorney’s office and Judge to take a second look at the case.

    After some legal argument and quick maneuvering by his compassionate new counsel, Oliver McCall essentially received a Get Out of Jail Free card: he was reinstated on his previous probationary term, which was modified only to include a drug and psychological evaluation followed by any necessary treatment.

    When contacted for comment Attorney Foley said, “It’s Christmas time, and God must have placed me there in that particular courtroom for a reason. I’m assuming the reason was to prevent Oliver McCall from spending this Christmas, and perhaps the next two, in lock-up. I know Oliver is a believer and so am I, so I am glad I was able to help him out.”

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