This weekend’s collapse of the Metrodome roof in Minnesota is being seen by some as the Vikings ticket out of the state. There have been numerous rumors about an NFL team in Los Angeles. This year, those rumors seem to have taken on more substance than similar previous musings.

In fact, a Vikings-to-L.A. move pretty much went from conspiracy theory to conspiracy fact earlier this month when NBC, an official NFL broadcast partner, ran a story entitled, “Vikings approached on moving team to Los Angeles.” If that’s not enough to scare Vikings fans in Minnesota, the team’s OWN WEBSITE quoted a Vikings official as saying, “We have been approached by two different groups in Los Angeles.” The article then identifies the groups. One is headed by billionaire Ed Roski. The other group is headed by veteran stadium/AEG official and (ironically) former Minnesota Timberwolves exec Tim Lieweke.

The San Diego paper was among the first to leap to the conclussion that the Metrodome roof collapse could save football in their city. Minnesota taxpayers have simply refused to pony up the money for a new NFL stadium. In the end, it’s going to cost them NFL football.



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