Ricardo Mayorga is one of the world’s most colorful boxers. Following a two-year layoff, he makes his return to the ring this week in a Don King production, taking on Michael Walker in Miami.

Prior to getting his ass kicked by Manny Pacquiao, Mayorga was best known for his unique smoking-while-training workout regimen.

Now, with the release of of Wikileaks material, Mayorga has been revealed as an accused rapist who was used as a puppet by the Nicaraguan government.

The website SPORTSbyBROOKS reveals that Wikileaks documents show Mayorga was once accused of raping a young woman and only got off after being “blackmailed” by the government of Nicaragua. Mayorga supposedly agreed to give the majority of his career boxing earnings to Daniel Ortega’s government and publicly say only positive, pro-communist things about the FSLN government. In exchange, Mayorga was found “innocent” of rape charges.

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