If you were a billionaire sports fan how would you spend your money?

If you’re Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, the answer is put up $500 million to abolish the BCS and establish a playoff system for college football.

Cuban told ESPN that he is seriously considering using his money to institute a college football playoff. Cuban’s plan is to put a system in place that is a hybrid of the 16-team plan devised by Yahoo! Sports columnist Dan Wetzel in his book “Death to the BCS.”

Under Cuban’s plan, higher ranked teams would host playoff games. That, he says, would maintain the importance of the college football regular season. Cuban also says there would still be bowl games.

Cuban has failed in a couple of attempts to buy a Major League Baseball team (the Chicago Cubs and Texas Rangers.) Cuban says he may now focus his attention on his college football plan “ass opposed to” buying a baseball team.


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