Here’s your manufactured “story” of the day. Fox News is claiming on their website that the National Basketball Association is part of the “War on Christmas.” Why? Because the league scheduled five games on Christmas day.

Never mind that the NBA has been playing games on Christmas every year since 1947. Or that there have been 207 NBA Christmas games in the last 66 years, including five each in 2008 and 2009. Nope, in the Fox News version of the world, the NBA is part of some recent secular conspiracy trying to destroy Christianity.

You know who else hated Christmas according to Fox News?

Nope, try again:

Of course, Fox News fails to point out that there were also 66 NBA games played on Hanukkah and 47 during Passover this year. Not to mention the entire NBA Playoffs occur during the Muslim period of Ramadan.

Fox News also made sure to put a picture of scary black man, Kobe Bryant, (who many of the network’s viewers still remember as a guy who was once accused of rape) on the top of story. Bryant was dissed by Fox News as recently as four days ago as someone “at the center of a scandal once again.”

What “scandal” was Bryant in? Fox Nation tried to link Bryant with genocide for making a tv commercial for a Turkish airline. This was after Bryant was accused of being a baby killer by Fox Sports and others for hawking video games in a commercial last month.

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