Garrett Wittels of Florida International is one of the biggest stars in college baseball. He concluded last season with a 56-game hitting streak. That streak is still ongoing and Wittels may add to it. If he doesn’t go to prison.

Wittels has been charged with rape in the Bahamas following an incident at the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island. Wittels and four of his high school buddies allegedly raped two 17-year-old girls. The four friends were charged as well.

Articles about what happened have alternately portrayed Wittels as an unrepentant date rapist or the innocent victim of conniving, gold digging, teenage sluts.

Here are some of the facts in the case:

* Wittels apparently had sex with both girls.

* One of the girls was so intoxicated that she threw up all over herself (on a security camera) and had to change shirts.

* Wittels defense lawyer is making a huge deal out of the fact that the two girls were making out with each other at the bar (also on camera).

Wittels defense team and his father have done several interviews portraying the young girls he had sex with as sluts. Wittels’ father also says the charges were brought by one of the girls’ angry father and that all the sex was consensual.


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