Justin Bieber Tiger Beat Magazine May 2010 Cover Photo - United States

Don’t get me wrong. I’m completely in favor of people NOT buying Justin Bieber albums and CDs but…

The people who oppose a “Ground Zero Mosque” have added teen pop sensation Justin Bieber to the list of celebrities that they are boycotting. One group has even highlighted Bieber on its celebrity boycott page on Facebook.

How has Bieber incurred the wrath of the anti-Muslim groups? The Canadian singer apparently blasted American “intolerance” in an interview with Tiger Beat magazine and came out in favor of a Ground Zero Mosque. One appalled construction worker, who is opposed to the Park51 project in New York, even gave a tv interview where he described how his young children ripped their Justin Bieber posters off the wall and tore them to pieces.

Given that Bieber is a pre-packaged selling machine who has no opinions or deep thoughts on ANYTHING, a skeptical writer at named Justin Elliott decided to actually track down the offending Tiger Beat article. It turns out there’s no such interview. There IS a fake Bieber interview on the parody website

There’s no doubt that America would be a better country if people bought less Justin Bieber records. However, NOT for this reason. Bieber is being targeted for something he never said. The quotes are from a PARODY site. Tiger Beat has even confirmed that Bieber never gave them an interview regarding a Mosque at the 9/11 Ground Zero location.


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