ESPN reportedly pulled announcer Ron Franklin off his broadcasting duties of the Fiesta Bowl for making sexist comments in a pregame production meeting for the Chick-fil-A Bowl.

According to the National Football Post, Franklin called ESPN sideline reporter Jeannine Edwards “Sweetcakes” during the meeting.

As originally reported, Frankin and fellow announcers Ed Cunningham and Rod Gilmore were having a conversation about Gilmore’s wife recently being elected mayor of Alameda, California. When Edwards attempted to join the conversation, Franklin reportedly said to her, “Why don’t you leave this to the boys, sweetcakes?”

When Edwards informed the 68-year-old announcer that she was offended by saying, “Don’t call me ‘sweetcakes,’ I don’t like being talked to like that,” Franklin reportedly wittily retorted, “Okay then, asshole.”

SPORTSbyBROOKS points out that Franklin had previously been admonished by no less than the ESPN ombudsman for calling another female sideline reporter (Holly Rowe) “sweatheart” live on the air. The suspension of Franklin comes from a company that continued to employ Monday Night Football Announcer Mike Tirico even after he apparently stalked a co-worker. ESPN also kept NFL analyst and commentator Sean Salibury after he reportedly showed cell phone pictures of his penis to female co-workers following the salutation, “Hey, do you want to see pictures of my baby?”

Also, ESPN hosts Woody Paige and Jay Crawford were accused of sexual harassment and “Around The Horn” announcer Jay Mariotti was bounced after viciously beating his girlfriend. Not to mention the Harold Reynolds fiasco.

Other than Mariotti, none of these announcers were suspended immediately, let alone fired.

Rival media outlets like Fox Sports and the New York Daily News are pounding ESPN over the incident.


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  1. Jaws Says:

    I know, right? It’s like no one can take a friggin joke anymore, you got all this technology and not allowed to use it? For fun, I take a phone pic of my “nflinsider” posed next to a 22oz of Red Dog to give it definition — so I showed it to this honeypot at the front desk and now I’m the bad guy! FREE RON FRANKLIN

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