Pitcher Kris Benson retired Tuesday. According to a blog entry on Yahoo! Sports, Benson was as statistically average a pitcher as possible. Benson won 70 games for five teams over nine injury-plagued seasons. Playing primarily for the Pittsburgh Pirates, his career ERA was 4.42.

Benson reached double figures in wins five times in his career, but never won more than 12. The Yahoo! piece observed Benson always had “an aura of failure” about him since he never quite lived up to expectations after Pittsburgh made him the number one pick in the 1996 draft.

In fact, the only thing most people remember about Benson’s career was his smoking hot wife. Anna Benson posed for FHM and a number of other mens magazines. As opposed to her nondescript husband, Anna Benson was at the center of  multiple controversies including the time she was photographed sitting on Santa’s lap wearing an incredibly suggestive outfit. That debacle occurred at a New York mets funtion for children.

Other than the wife department, Kris Benson did overachieve in one other area. He earned $39 million in his mediocre career.


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