Meet the new NCAA boss. Same as the old NCAA boss.

Basketball writer Mike DeCourcy of The Sporting News points out the latest example of abject NCAA hypocrisy. The governing body of college sports in America ruled once again on Wednesday that Turkish center Enes Kanter is ineligible to play basketball at the University of Kentucky.

Kanter was offered millions of dollars to play for a professional basketball team in Europe. He turned down the offer solely for the chance to play college basketball in America. His parents ASKED the NCAA if they could meet with the professional club. The NCAA agreed to allow the meeting but later ruled that Kanter’s father was paid too much expense money. Of course, that’s because Kanter’s father truthfully reported to the NCAA how much money he recieved.

The elder Kanter should have employed the strategy used by Auburn quarterback Cam Newton’s father. In other words he should have lied, and lied, and lied. When new NCAA president Mark Emmert pointed out that there was “no question” Kanter shouldn’t be eligible, it was pointed out that Kanter originally commited to the University of Washington. That was when Emmert was the UW president. Obviously, Emmert had no problem with Kanter’s eligibilty then.

ESPN’s Dick Vitale and Seth Davis of CBS have pounded the NCAA over their ruling in the Kanter case. Vitale went so far as to say that if Kanter were at Washington he’d have been ruled eligible. Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari is also still pissed over the ruling.

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