By now you have probably seen the video or pictures of Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers snubbing a breast cancer survivor. Following the Green Bay Packers playoff win over the weekend, Rodgers was pummeled by a Green Bay television station. WBAY TV ran a video showing Rodgers totally dissing Jan Cavanaugh.

Rodgers spurns Cavanaugh at the airport, walking by her as if she doesn’t even exist. Cavanaugh was attempting to get Rodgers to sign her pink hat. Packers linebacker Clay Matthews picked up the slck by signing Cavanaugh’s hat and stopping to talk to her.

What makes this story linger is the reaction to iy. Since the original story, the tv station reporting it has probably received more flack than Rodgers. The reaction by Packers fans to the WBAY was so extreme that the station was forced to pull its video.

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  1. 1kag Says:

    Dude, he signed for her already. Jan isn’t even upset with Aaron, just the attention and this non-story:

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