Is a team finaly going to stand up to the Major League Baseball Players Union? Doubtful.

Deranged Seattle Mariners outfielder Milton Bradley was arrested in Southern California earlier this week for making “criminal threats” to a woman. He now faces felony charges. The charges were serious enough that the outfielder’s bail was $50,000. Bradley had some mental health issues last season and was briefly placed on the restricted list by the M’s as he sought counseling. In his 11-year career, Bradley has bounced to eight teams. He has also faced near-constant turmoil and survived a myriad of controversies.

Following the latest Bradley debacle, there have been several articles written questioning whether the Mariners could void his contract under the standard “good citizenship and good sportsmanship” clause in the MLB Uniform Player Contract. Bradley is due to make $12 million in 2011. That money is guaranteed.

Most experts are saying it’s impossible for the Mariners to get out from under Bradley’s contract. The Mets tried to go the voiding-contract-route with pitcher Francisco Rodriguez after he got into a fist fight with his father-in-law in the team tunnel. It didn’t work.

So, even though Bradley has been certified as one of the biggest jerks in baseball history, his contracr probably can’t be voided.

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