Fitness guru Jack LaLanne died over the weekend. He was 96. LaLanne’s New York Times obituary referred to him as the “founder of the modern fitness movement.”

LaLanne was half a century ahead of his time when he opened a weight-lifting gym, juice bar and health food store in California in 1936. Three decades before Oprah, Jack LaLanne hosted an afternoon talk show that every kid growing up in California in the ’60s and ’70s probably remembers. The show centered around health, nutrition and exercise.

LaLanne was probably the first public figure to come out against cigarettes in the 1950’s. He said on television that cigarettes would “kill you” at a time when they heavily advertised on tv.

The former bodybuilder was also famous for his legendary feats of strength at an advanced age. At the age of 70, LaLanne swam a mile towing 70 rowboats with his teeth while handcuffed and shackled. LaLanne always said that he couldn’t die because it would be “bad for my reputation.”

And don’t forget the Jack LaLanne Juicer.



One Response to “RIP JACK LALANNE”

  1. Will Livingston Says:

    Jack Lalanne was a truly inspirational man. He really did start the health and nutrition movement as well as the physical fitness movement. Check out this video I came across today, it really shows how much he kept his youth with age.

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