Congratulations to Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler for winning a title. Unfortunately for Bears fans, it wasn’t a Super Bowl title. No, Cutler’s well-earned title is “The Most Hated Man in Chicago.”

You know you’ve had a bad day when your own hometown fans are burning your jersey in effigy in the parking lot. That’s exactly what happened to Cutler last night following Chicago’s 21-14 loss to the Green Bay Packers in the N.F.C. Championship. Cutler left the game in the third quarter. He pulled himself out with a knee injury. Cutler stood (not sat) on the sidelines for the entire second half. He didn’t require any crutches or a wrap. Many are questioning whether Cutler was hurt badly enough to miss the rest of the game. Those questioning Cutler’s toughness on Twitter include Jacksonville Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew who Tweeted:

“When the going gets tough…QUIT”

Jones also blasted Cutler by saying he had played an entire year with a bad knee while the pampered Bears quarterback couldn’t finish a single game.

Meanwhile, the usually UNinsightful Rick Reilly hit the nail right on the before the game with an article pointing out what a jerk Cutler is. The article by the former Sports Illustrated writer now at ESPN also details Cutler’s desdain for and lack of commitment to his craft of quarterbacking. Reilly notes that the city of Chicago WANTS to love Cutler. Since the invention of the Pro Bowl, the Bears have placed exactly ONE quarterback for one year into that game (Jim McMahon).

Now, despite throwing for over 3,2oo yards, winning a division title, and leading the Bears to the conference championship, Cutler is possibly the most hated Chicago athlete ever.

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2 Responses to “YOU KNOW YOU SUCK WHEN…”

  1. Jack Bond Says:

    Many NFL players and most NFL fans are complete idiots, and if you want to dispute that, just watch the beer commercials the advertisers tailor to the audience.

    All the haters with your tweets, Jay Cutler had his team playing for a Championship, you were sitting at home on your fat asses, because your team didn’t have what it takes to be where Jay Cutler’s team was.

    This is yet another reason I hate most football fans, they simply are not intelligent people, not even remotely bright.

  2. Kahlan Says:

    Granted I have never played football but I have played sports, and have injuries in which I played through because the team counted on me. When industry experts such as players , coaches, ect.. are questioning you, time to look in the mirror. This also goes along with how he has been playing all year. Some say he is tough because he was sacked some many times. Why, because the idot held onto the ball for 5 minutes at a time. Time to trade him. Guy just blew the most important game in his career.

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