Jason Bailey was a 2005 draft pick by the Anaheim Ducks. He has yet to make it to the NHL. Maybe it’s because he’s Jewish. At least that’s what Bailey is claiming.

Bailey, who has since been traded to the Ottawa Senators organization, has filed a religious discrimination lawsuit against the Anaheim franchise claiming he was “verbally abused because of his Jewish heritage.” Bailey says that when he played for the team’s Bakersfield minor league affiliate the coach there told him, “Jews only care about money and who’s who,” and he “never wanted his son to be raised Jewish and wear a yarmulke.”

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2 Responses to “IS HOCKEY ANTI-SEMITIC?”

  1. Keyboard Warrior Says:

    In two years with ottawa AHL team he has played 79 games, he is 7 points, clearly he knows hes not going to make any money playing hockey, time to find something else

  2. Doyle Brunson Says:

    The owner of the Anaheim Ducks, Henry Samueli, is Jewish. He’s also one of the nicest guys you could ever meet.

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