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Iran threatens Olympic boycott over secret Zionist logo

February 28, 2011

Iran is threatening to boycott the 2012 Olympics in London, because…wait for it…they claim the logo for the games is “racist.” The head of the Iranian Olympic Committee not only says the London Olympic logo is racist, but also secretly spells out the word “Zion.”

The IRNA head urged other Muslim nations to boycott the 2012 Olympics as well. Previously, the logo had only been called “a national embarrassment” and its designers had been accused of “drinking on the job.”

Now the logo is apparently part of an international Zionist conspiracy.

James Franco berates Ricky Gervais then falls on his ass as Oscars host

February 28, 2011


Actor James Franco was truly brilliant in the movie “127 Hours,” funny in “Pineapple Express,” and likeable in his multiple “Spider Man” appearances. As an Oscars host? Not so much.

The film “The King’s Speech” won all the major awards but the other topic everyone was talking about on Sunday evening wasn’t the usual “Who are you wearing?” It was about just how horrible Franco and his co-host actress Anne Hathaway were.

Franco took the brunt of the criticism including…

“Franco flops”

“He seemed like he was hardly there…”

“Was that really his best? Sure hope not.”

“…lifeless, dragging Hathaway down with him.”

“There were times last night that James Franco and Anne Hathaway had me pining for Rob Lowe and Snow White.”

“spectacularly unwatchable”

“off the rails”

“Young and hip? No”

“dazed and confused”

“This year, the Oscars hit a new low”

“Somewhere Ricky Gervais is laughing like a schoolgirl.”

Tim Goodman of the Hollywood Reporter called Franco’s hosting performance possibly the worst in Oscars history. Even fellow actor Wil Wheaton called Franco, “boring and charmless.” The Washington Post, the USA Today and a myriad of other newspapers took turns beating Franco like a pinata. It was even worse on social networks like Twitter. Several reviewers suggested Franco stay off the Internet for several weeks to avoid the reviews. Franco was so awful that found at least eight references of critics suggesting he was stoned.

Franco and Hathaway were chosen to host the 83rd annual Academy Awards in part for their youth. However, it’s probably not coincidental that the boring, pablum/softballing team of Hathaway and Franco were chosen after British comic Ricky Gervais gave arguably the most scathing performance in the history of award shows during this year’s Golden Globes. An unapologetic Gervais crushed celebrity after celebrity with his jokes and offended practically the entire Hollywood elite. On the other hand, he was hilarious.

Ironically, just hours before the Academy Awards began, Jason Kennedy of E! News gave Franco and Hathaway a copy of a “sample” monologue that Gervais had written specifically for them for the Oscars. A dismissive Franco whined, “He did his award show and bombed.Why’s he trying to get in on ours?”

Franco probably should have taken someone’s help. At a press conference earlier this month, Franco may have jinxed himself. He said he was totally unworried about bombing as an Oscars host because,”It’s like one night. So, it doesn’t matter. If I host the worst Oscar show in the history of the Oscars, like, what do I care?”

Oops! Yhat would be an actor’s equivalent of yelling out, “Good luck!”  before a major performance.



Louisville cheerleader picks up technical foul

February 28, 2011


Subject of legendary Casey Stengel quote dies

February 28, 2011


Former Major League Baseball player Greg Goossen died over the weekend. He was 65.

Goossen was a prep baseball star in Southern California. In a seven-year career, he played for the New York Mets, Seattle Pilots, Milwaukee Brewers and Washington Senators.

Goossen certainly led an interesting life after baseball. He was a private detective, boxing trainer and a longtime Hollywood stand-in for actor Gene Hackman. Among the fighters Goossen worked with were Michael Nunn and the Ruelas brothers. Goossen was also the guy traded by the Senators for Curt Flood. That trade followed Flood’s infamous anti-trust lawsuit against MLB.

Goossen received six figures to sign with te Los Angeles Dodgers as a bonus baby. He may be most famous as the foil of one of former Mets manager Casey Stengel’s all-time great quotes. Stengel pointed out Goossen during Spring Training one year and told reporters, “This is Greg Goossen. He’s 20 years old, and in 10 years he has a chance to be 30.”

“The Wal-Mart of Weed” opens

February 28, 2011

A store calling itself “a supply and training destination for legal pot growers” has opened in Sacramento. The parent company and the store are called “weGrow,” WeGrow is marketing its 10,000 square foot Sacramento store to medical marijuana users in California.

The store says it has everything you need to grow marijuana. Although it doesn’t actually sell pot, it has plants on “display” throughout the store.


February 27, 2011


Former Brooklyn dodgers star Duke Snider has died. The baseball Hall of Famer was 84.

ABC currently casting for “Good Christian Bitches”

February 27, 2011

I’m thinking they’re going to have to change the name of the series. ABC is currently holding auditions for a new tv series entitled “Good Christian Bitches.” Jennifer Aspen of “Glee has already been given a role as a “church-going suburban wife” in Dallas.

The show is based on the Kim Gatlin book of the same name. The series will be shot in Dallas.


February 26, 2011


UFC 127 takes place Saturday night in Australia. There are no title matches on the card which is led by a B.J.Penn/JonFitch matchup. Penn is the former UFC Lightweight and Welterweight champion whose career has hit a surprising skid since losing his belt and a rematch to Frankie Edgar. Both Penn and Fitch have had stellar UFC careers that have been marred when each lost to Georges St. Pierre. Penn’s loss to St. Pierre came in the famous Vaselinegate match in 2009.

The Penn/Fitch fight is being labeled as a Welterweight “title eliminator.” St. Pierre is moving up to Middleweight to fight Anderson Silva. That leaves the Welterweight title open. A win by either Penn or Fitch guarantees them a title shot and may even make one of them the “interim” Welterweight champ.

Also on the UFC 127 card are Brit Michael Bisping, who has a grudge match against Jorge Rivera, and George Sotiropoulos, looking for his seventh straight win in a so-far undefeated UFC career. Veteran Chris Lytle also takes on another hot UFC newcomer in Brian Ebersole.

One other interesting note about UFC 127, two of the preliminary bouts are going to be on Facebook.


February 26, 2011


Dude! Once again, you’re not Danny Ocean.

Yet another bungling Las Vegas would-be casino chip thief has learned the hard way that crime doesn’t pay. At least not on the Las Vegas Strip. However horrifically inept Metro is at solving other major crimes, they are 100% at getting major strip casinos their heisted poker chips back.

In the latest strip robbery, a man wearing a “fedora, fake mustache and sunglasses” pulled a stickup at the Rio All-Suites Hotel & Casino, scooping up $33,000 in chips off a pai gow table after pulling a gun on the dealer. The man then ran through the casino making his getaway by jumping into a speeding cab.

The thief was identified in less than three hours because the cab driver (using his own cab and real license plates) was in on the heist. The getaway driver also worked at the same cab company with the alleged thief, identified by Metro as Steven Gao. Gao apparently stole the casino chips to a pay off a $15,000 gambling debt to a third moron. He and the cabbie were caught red-handed and immediately rolled over on Gao. Gao is now on the run after most of the chips were already recovered.

Earlier this month, Anthony Carleo was nabbed in the “Bellagio Bandit” case. In a daring robberry wearing a blackened motorcycle visor in December, Carleo allegedly made off with $1.5 million in high end $25,000 casino chips called “cranberries” (and $0 in cash.) He then sped off on a motorcycle, apparently making a clean, unidentifiable getaway.

Unfortunately for Carleo, despite his daring, he also happens to be a complete goddamn moron. When the casino announced they were going to stop honoring the “Cranberry” chips, a desperate Carleo was caught trying to fence the hot chips to undercover Vegas cops.Twice. This was after Carleo drunkenly bragged to patrons in a Colorado bar that he had committed the robbery. Carleo also e-mailed an autographed photo of the stolen chips to a stranger to “prove” he had ripped off the casino. The guy immediately called the FBI.

Carleo wasn’t too hard to track down. He was actually staying at the scene of the crime when he was arrested in a room he had been COMPED at the Bellagio. How did the guy who stole from the casino end up with a free room? Because after he sold his million-and-a-half in hot casino chips for $75,000, Carleo lost $85,000 gambling. AT THE SAME CASINO. That made him -$10,000 after pulling off the million dollar plus robbery.

Jesus Christ, Las Vegas has some stupid criminals!



February 25, 2011

If you’re a fan of Glenn Beck’s radio or tv shows you’ve probably heard him bash unions. Thursday, Beck accused AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka of being part of an international communist conspiracy to take over the world. While accusing Trumka of trying to take over the world, Beck at the same time is paying union dues-TO TRUMKA AND THE AFL-CIO.

Beck is a card carrying member of AFTRA (The American Federation of Television and Radio Artists.) AFTRA is a division of the AFL-CIO.

Who else is a member of AFTRA? RUSH LIMBAUGH, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, and Sarah Palin. Union members all. It’s how Sarah Palin can get residual money from her reality tv appearances. It’s also how people like Beck and Palin can obtain health insurance and make sure networks honot their contracts. They also provide technicians for all of Beck’s tv appearances as well Hannity and the others.

On another note, even the crazy Infowars dude is now hilariously accusing Beck of not only of ripping him off but doing so in an attempt to take over the world. That’s right, Glenn Beck is part of the One World government takeover. Alex Jones now says Beck’s whole UN and anti-Google schtick was completely stolen from him.