What a shock. Art Schlichter is in trouble with the law again.

The former Ohio State star and NFL quarterback has spent a good deal of his adult life in prison due to swindling people out of money to pay for his gambling addiction. He even ripped off his own father. The Columbus Dispatch reports that federal authorities are looking into charges that Schlichter scammed money from several wealthy people by promising them Super Bowl tickets. Those people are now stuck in Dallas with no tickets.

Schlichter was a Heisman trophy candidate at Ohio State who was the fourth pick in the entire 1982 NFL Draft. However, he is better known for being one of the biggest scumbags in NFL history. Schlicter was banned for life from the NFL for gambling. Since then, he has gone to jail multiple times for fraud, writing bad checks and stealing other people’s credit cards. All to pay for his gambling addiction. Schlichter even racked up thousands of dollars in charges by dialing 800 numbers to gambling hotlines WHILE HE WAS IN PRISON.

Unbelievably, Schlichter is still finding people to give him money. His latest scheme apparently netted him millions of dollars.



  1. Bill McNeel Says:

    Do we know how many people got scammed on the Super Bowl tickets?
    I had over 9 1/2. 🙂

  2. Kerry Finley Says:

    I had 4 tix that never “surfaced”

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