There is no other way to put it. The NFL Hall of Fame sucks.

Multitudes of NFL stars who you would automatically assume are in the Hall aren’t. Jerry Kramer, John Brodie, Kenny Stabler, Alex Karras, Andre Reed, Chris Carter and Ray Guy just to name a few. The case against Kramer is particularly egregious. The former star guard with the Green Bay Packers was voted by the NFL itself as “The Best Offensive Lineman” in the first 50 years of pro football. Two of Kramer’s fellow offensive lineman off those great Packers teams are already in the Hall of Fame. He is not. Kramer also threw the most famous block in football history in the “Ice Bowl” and made Geen Bay coach Vince Lombardi the legend that he is today with his book “Instant Replay.”

Unfortunately for Kramer, a lot of the sports writers and front office types, who were born around 1912, hated the book and held it against him. This despite the fact that virtually everything that we know about the Lombardi myth came from Kramer’s book. The rest came from NFL Films.

Which brings us to the case of Ed Sabol. Sabol, the founder of NFL Films, was up for election into the HOF this season. He did get in. However, as detailed by Pro Football Talk, there appears to have been some type of petty vendetta against Sabol led by Pittsburgh Steelers owner Dan Rooney. Paul Domowitch of the Philadelphia Daily News says Rooney orchestrated a campaign to keep Sabol out of the Hall of Fame, feeling until former commissioner Paul Tagliabue gets in, NO other non-player should be enshrined.

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