What the hell?

Today’s New York Times features a column by Paul Krugman detailing how Abraham Lincoln is now becoming a despised figure by the modern day Republican Party. That’s right, current Republicans are disowning “Honest Abe” also known as “The Great Emancipator.”

Sure, the 16th president held the Union together during the Civil War and freed the slaves and is enshrined on Mount Rushmore. He’s also on the penny and the five dollar bill. Just last year, Lincoln was “American” enough for Glenn Beck to give a speech from his memorial, but so what? Tea party activists are more concerned that Lincoln:

* Was the first president to implement an income tax and

* Introduce paper money in the form of “greenbacks” into the the American economy

Lincoln was voted America’s Greatest President in a poll of historians, but that’s SO 2010.

CRAZY modern day Tea Party politicians have driven the Republican Party so far to the right that when the House of Representatives held hearings this week on U.S. monetary policy, there were only three “experts” called to testify before Congress. One of those “experts”was author Thomas DiLorenzo.  

As Krugman points out, DiLorenzo has no economic background whatsoever. He is, however, probably the most anti-Lincoln writer in American history. DiLorenzo wrote “Lincoln Unmasked: What You’re Not Supposed to Know About Dishonest Abe” which Publishers Weekly reviewed as a “laughable screed,”and “The Real Lincoln” a book promoted by its own publisher as “guaranteed to infuriate.” DiLorenzo is also a rabid secessionist. He is on record as describing secession from the United States of America as a legitimate method for states to deal with the health care debate. And now, much to the consternation of Krugman, DiLorenzo is one of three people in the entire world who has been called on to testify before Congress on how we should run our economy and why the United States should go back to the gold standard.

Why? Because DiLorenzo once described the Fed as “legalized counterfeiting.” That’s a popular point of view with Tea Party assclowns. The Fed was created by Alexander Hamilton. He did so to wipe out the federal debt and pay off the Colonies Revolutionary War debt. Hamilton was a Founding Father, co-authored the Federalist Papers, signed the Declaration of Independence and is on the ten dollar bill but what did HE know about The Constitution and economics compared to Thomas DiLorenzo?



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  1. Bruce Says:

    I heard Thomas DiLorenzo speak at a history gathering. Very convincing. Old Abe is no longer my favorite president. He was the great dictator. Pull your head out of public high school textbooks and read some history.

  2. Walt Says:

    Heaven forbid the truth get in the way of “conventional wisdom.” I don’t hate Lincoln but I also do not revere him. The fact that he implementesd an inocme tax and started the greenbacks, really does not tick me off too much; the facts are important however. I don’t think most of the Tea Party hates Lincoln, what they hate is the sanitized 7th grade version of history that is out there and accepted as fact. Have you ever read the Emancipation Proclamation? Did you know that it was merely the completion of a threat to the Conferderate states? In the Pre Emancipation Proclamation he threatened to free the slaves, if they did not re-join the union; the EP was just making good on his word (he was honest about that). Did you know that the EP only freed the southern states slaves (which were not really freed by it because they did not follow Linclon’s orders any way), and the slaves in the states that were sympathetic to the Lincoln were EXPRESSLY kept in slavery? THe EP was nothing of the kind. If anything it should have been called the Continued Bondage Resolution. Did you know that Lincoln really could give a crap whether the slaves were freed or not, as long as the union was preserved? Here is his words written in a letter to Horace Greely,

    “If I could save the Union without freeing any slave I would do it, and if I could save it by freeing all the slaves I would do it; and if I could save it by freeing some and leaving others alone I would also do that. What I do about slavery, and the colored race, I do because I believe it helps to save the Union; and what I forbear, I forbear because I do not believe it would help to save the Union.”

    I could go on with this for a while, but I do it not to drum up hate for Lincoln, but to expose the state sponsored conditioning camps we call schools. It is time to snap out of our haze and take history at face value; then let the cards fall where they may. I AM not ROBOT!!

  3. Boomer Says:

    Just to clarify, the Federal Reserve was created by the Federal Reserve Act in 1913…

  4. Mike Responts Says:

    As the first ever Secretary of the Treasury (appointed by George GODDAMN Washington) Hamilton proposed and founded the First Bank of the United States. This came despite the vigorous opposition by States Rights advocates.

    The function of that bank was to “handle the financial needs and requirements” of the entire FEDERAL GOVERNMENT of the United States. It was chartered by Congress in 1791.

    Thanks solely and only because of the formation of this CENTRAL GOVERNMENT FUNDED bank, the U.S. was finally able to pay back its Revolutionary War debts. After that, Thomas Jefferson used the revenue generated by this bank to make the Louisiana Purchase.

    This was all accomplished with FED money. Using this exact model, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York was eventually formed.

  5. Bruce Skaug Says:

    Andrew Jackson killed the U.S. Bank and paid off all debts. Lincoln brought back the centralized Fed banking system.

  6. Mike Responts Says:

    Thanks Bruce. So, what you’re saying is a Democrat payed off our national debts and a Republican started the Fed and came up with income taxes?

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