Besides being an underachieving loser, Cameron Maybin hasn’t done much in his Major League Baseball career. A so-called “five-tool” player coming out of high school, Maybin has only 13 career home runs in four seasons. His career batting average is an anemic .246.

Still, Maybin did find another team that wanted him despite his being a complete bust for the Florida Marlins as the key figure in the Miguel Cabrera trade. The San Diego Padres traded for Maybin this offseason. With his pathetic on-field performance to date,  Maybin was no lock to be the Padres center fielder. Now he’s off to a flying start in Spring Training thanks to pissing off the Padres owners.

Maybin posted on Twitter that he had a case of the “shits” because he ate at Panda Express. He Tweeted his followers to, “Never eat at Panda Express.” Unfortunately for Maybin, as revealed by the Padres fansite,one of the owners of the Padres just happens to be the CEO of Panda Express.

Maybin Tweeted the next day that Panda Express has the “Best Oriental cuisine around.” The previous Tweet was deleted.

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