For a guy who hates the Internet, acclaimed author Buzz Bissinger sure makes a lot of money writing an internet column. Bissinger now writes a sports column for The Daily Beast. That’s particularly hilarious considering Bissinger’s famous rant against internet sports coverage directed towards former editor Will Leitch a couple years ago when the pair were on Costas Now on HBO.

Bissinger can’t even handle Twitter these days. There was a time when Bissinger wrote what is arguably the quitessential sports book. Now, according to critics, Bissinger “does not (even) care about sports anymore. The website “Can’t Stop The Bleeding” went so far as to call Bissinger’s last column on NBA All-Star Weekend “embarrassing.” Some might even argue the column is borderline racist.

Bissinger’s article, which is subheaded “White Men Can’t Root,” is one falsehood and stereotype after another. The general conclusion reached by Bissinger is that the NBA is “too black.” Bissinger even quotes a friend of his in the body of the freakin’ article as saying his conclusions tend towards being racist.

And that’s the problem. This article has nothing to do with the event he was assigned to cover-ostensibly NBA All-Star Weekend in Los Angeles. It’s impossible to tell even after reading the article whether Bissinger ever set foot in L.A. There’s not a single mention of any event associated with what has been provocatively called “Black Thanksgiving.” Instead of exploring his premise of the NBA being unwatchable to white people, Bissinger mails it in with a lame, half-ass effort.

Veteran basketball writer David Aldridge wrote a fantastic article about “Black Thanksgiving.” The piece explored the cultural aspects of the NBA and was a fantastic examination of the current state of hoops. Compare that to Bissinger who admits that he “almost never” watches the NBA anymore and only wrote about the topic because his editor MADE HIM. Disgusting.



  1. Doyle Brunson Says:

    Bissinger’s article is much more thoughtful than the fawning POS written by Aldridge.

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