Former Duke lacrosse player Reade Seligmann is NOT a rapist. He is, however, apparently a tax cheat. Seigmann was one of the Duke lacrosse players who was originally charged with rape but eventually exonerated after being accused by a stripper in a racially charged case that went to trial in 2007.

The Detroit News says Seligmann owes the IRS almost $6.5 million in back taxes. Seligmann’s lawyer said specifically the money is NOT owed from money earned in his settlement of a lawsuit from the case and is owed for the year 2007. According to an IRS expert interviewed by the paper, in order for Seligmann to owe that much money to the IRS, he would have to have earned at least $20 million dollars that year.

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  1. R. B. Parrish Says:

    This story has a lot of problems. Seligmann only learned of this “lien” through the news media. Is a lien the very first step in the process? In addition, the sums are absurd.

    The lacrosse case was replete with phony news plants, police lies,
    witness intimidation by the DA, and much else. Seligmann in now involved in litigation which would prove very embarrassing to prominent persons in academia and government if they are ever compelled to testify in court.

    IMHO, this story is merely a plant intended as a smear, as I believe succeeding days will show.

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