James Franco berates Ricky Gervais then falls on his ass as Oscars host


Actor James Franco was truly brilliant in the movie “127 Hours,” funny in “Pineapple Express,” and likeable in his multiple “Spider Man” appearances. As an Oscars host? Not so much.

The film “The King’s Speech” won all the major awards but the other topic everyone was talking about on Sunday evening wasn’t the usual “Who are you wearing?” It was about just how horrible Franco and his co-host actress Anne Hathaway were.

Franco took the brunt of the criticism including…

“Franco flops”

“He seemed like he was hardly there…”

“Was that really his best? Sure hope not.”

“…lifeless, dragging Hathaway down with him.”

“There were times last night that James Franco and Anne Hathaway had me pining for Rob Lowe and Snow White.”

“spectacularly unwatchable”

“off the rails”

“Young and hip? No”

“dazed and confused”

“This year, the Oscars hit a new low”

“Somewhere Ricky Gervais is laughing like a schoolgirl.”

Tim Goodman of the Hollywood Reporter called Franco’s hosting performance possibly the worst in Oscars history. Even fellow actor Wil Wheaton called Franco, “boring and charmless.” The Washington Post, the USA Today and a myriad of other newspapers took turns beating Franco like a pinata. It was even worse on social networks like Twitter. Several reviewers suggested Franco stay off the Internet for several weeks to avoid the reviews. Franco was so awful that Gawker.com found at least eight references of critics suggesting he was stoned.

Franco and Hathaway were chosen to host the 83rd annual Academy Awards in part for their youth. However, it’s probably not coincidental that the boring, pablum/softballing team of Hathaway and Franco were chosen after British comic Ricky Gervais gave arguably the most scathing performance in the history of award shows during this year’s Golden Globes. An unapologetic Gervais crushed celebrity after celebrity with his jokes and offended practically the entire Hollywood elite. On the other hand, he was hilarious.

Ironically, just hours before the Academy Awards began, Jason Kennedy of E! News gave Franco and Hathaway a copy of a “sample” monologue that Gervais had written specifically for them for the Oscars. A dismissive Franco whined, “He did his award show and bombed.Why’s he trying to get in on ours?”

Franco probably should have taken someone’s help. At a press conference earlier this month, Franco may have jinxed himself. He said he was totally unworried about bombing as an Oscars host because,”It’s like one night. So, it doesn’t matter. If I host the worst Oscar show in the history of the Oscars, like, what do I care?”

Oops! Yhat would be an actor’s equivalent of yelling out, “Good luck!”  before a major performance.



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2 Responses to “James Franco berates Ricky Gervais then falls on his ass as Oscars host”

  1. Ryan McGivern Says:

    I did find Gervais’ jokes to be flat, out of date, meanspirited and just poort attempts at humor. But, at least it appeared that Ricky tried and cared and was invested in the show.

    Franco looked like he 1) doesn’t like Hathaway 2) didn’t like or believe in or want to ‘sell’ the lines he was given 3) had gone into it thinking it was going to be horrible.

    And I don’t half blame him. The writing and gags were all pretty awkward and sophmoric.

    Hathaway’s “aww shucks”, goofy phoniness grated on my nerves the entire show. It seemed like she wanted to make the show about her and didn’t ‘host’ so much as upstage. I have no idea what the organizers were thinking in slating these two at all–let alone together.

    All that said, the show did feel to move along at a pretty good pace at least and with the exception of Anne’s totally superfluous and out-of-place song to Jackman was passable entertainment.


  2. ferd Says:

    James Franco just gave away his mystique. Fire your “team,” Jim.

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