Kirk Gibson bans toys from Diamondbacks clubhouse

Arizona Diamondbacks manager Kirk Gibson has had enough. No more toys in the team’s locker room.

Citing a lax and losing atmosphere last season, Gibson, the former World Series hero, cracked down on his players who were known for bringing remote controlled planes, helicopters and cars as well as toy guns into the clubhouse. Those toys are now banned. The Diamondbacks were citicized for spending “more time on cellphones, iPads and laptops than in batting cages, pitching meetings or weight rooms.” Former Diamondbacks pitcher Chad Qualls critized the “no accountability” atmosphere of the club and implied the team lacked respect for the game of baseball.

Gibson has also banned texting, and computer usage 30 minutes before games. He’s even brought in Navy Seals to talk to the club about commitment and teamwork in an effort to change the team’s “culture of losing.” The Diamondbacks lost 97 games last season and had the second worst record in baseball. The ever-gruff Gibson noted, “If you want to fly your toy airplane, you can stay home.”

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One Response to “Kirk Gibson bans toys from Diamondbacks clubhouse”

  1. Kevin Bertha Says:

    I hope I never play for Kirk Gibson… I like Legos too much.

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