Turns out Miguel Cabrera asked cops to shoot him

The Detroit Free Press has amazing details of Detroit Tigers first baseman Miguel Cabrera’s DUI arrest earlier this spring. Florida authorities released 42 pages of evidence and the video of Cabrera’s arrest  regarding his February 16th DUI. The video shows a drunken, incoherent Cabrera handcuffed in the back of a police cruiser swearing in Spanish. Meanwhile, off-camera, police openly mock Cabrera and talk about his bust being the biggest of the arresting officer’s career since “the guy in KC and the Sunshine Band.”

More disturbing was the police report which talks about Cabrera getting out out of his vehicle and confronting police. At one point, Cabrera literally pulls a “Do you know who I am?”on the cops. However, things turned darker when Cabrera refused to get down and yelled, “Fucking shoot me, kill me.”

When initially pulled over, Cabrera reportedly got out of his Land Rover “stumbling and slurring.” The police report says he then sat back in his rig and started chugging out of an open bottle of James Buchanan’s Scotch Whisky. Cabrera then flipped off the officer who pulled him over.

Cabrera ended up starting Spring training in rehab following the incident.

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