Republicans hate the Special Olympics

Im sure that virtually every single person in the United States feels that the budget deficit is too high and government spending should be cut. The question is WHICH government programs should have a meat cleaver taken to them. Democrats want to cut subsidies to oil companies. Republicans are crying foul. Congressman Joe Barton of Texas said yesterday that without government subsidies poor Exxon would go broke.

Democrats want more money spent on bullet trains and high speed rail. Republicans say no. The Republicans hate PBS and NPR which are pet projects of the Democrats. It goes on and on as the U.S. faces another government shutdown.

However, whatever your political beliefs, there’s one group being targeted for severe government budget cuts that is completely nonpartisan-The Special Olympics. Mother Jones claims Special Olympics may be done away with under proposed cuts by Republican lawmakers. The article goes so far as to say Republicans are “targeting disbled kids.” The insanely deplorable cuts to Special Olympics are coming about because apparently, the “retarded kids lobby” didn’t contribute enough money this election cycle. The specific program being targeted by Republicans is Project Unify which serves 750,000 special needs children in 43 states through the Department of Education.

Ironically, the Mother Jones article pointing out the attack on Special Olympics comes on the same day that a Republican state representative from New Hampshire publicly came out in favor of sending “the mentally ill, the retarded, people with physical addictions and drug addictions-people society would be better off without” and sending them to “freeze to death” in Siberia.

The proposed Special Olympics defunding comes on the heels of Republican cuts to pregnant women, pre-schoolers in Head Start, college student loans and cancer and Alzheimer’s Disease funding. This is all in keeping with the core pilosophy of Republicans: “Poor People Have Too Much Money.” (As opposed to Democrats who want to keep record spending in the wake of record deficits.)

I wonder  what Sarah Palin thinks about cutting Special Olympics?


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