Stay classy, Philadelphia

Sure, J.D. Drew sucks but does he really deserve to have a newspaper columnist encourage people to throw batteries at him?

Philadelphia Phillies fans have always hated the outfielder’s guts. Drew and his agent, Scott Boras, spurned the Philadelphia Phillies after he was the team’s first round draft choice in 1997. Drew eventually signed with the St.Louis Cardinals after going back in the draft the next season.

Drew made his Major League debut against the Phillies in 1998. Philly fans responded by throwing so many batteries at him that the game had to be briefly stopped. Although he has earned more than $94 million playing baseball, Drew knocked in a total of 100 RBIs just once in his entire injury-riddled career. Likewise, he has topped 30 homers just once and made one All-Star game in his life. Drew has been such an underachiever that there is actually a term “J.D. Drew” in the Urban Dictionary. Basically, it means you’re an underachieving loser.

Plus, it’s not like Philadelphia sports fans are known for carrying a grudge or anything. Still, it was pretty shocking this week when a Philadelphia Inquirer columnist actually CALLED FOR Philadelphia fans to throw batteries at Drew this week. In a piece entitled “Show your love for J.D. Drew, Philadelphia,” T.J. Furman pointed out that the Phillies are playing the Boston Red Sox in late June. Furman says, “You’ll get one more chance to let J.D. know how you feel about him…Get your D-cells ready.”

Furman’s paper had to make a retraction later in the week.

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