The right hammers president over Barack-etology


For the third straight year, Barack Obama has made his NCAA college basketball tournament picks on ESPN. Boringly, President Obama has all number one seeds reaching the Final Four. The President has Kansas defeating Ohio State in the national championship game.

Who could criticize a politician for participating in an All-American activity like filling out a NCAA bracket? Everybody. Republicans and bloggers have pounced on Obama for being a lazy Marxist. Of course, Fox News went nuts. Republican party chair Reince Priebus attacked Obama for putting “his NCAA bracket over the budget & other pressing issues.”

Did the right criticize President Nixon for taking time out during war, recession and Watergate to personally design a play to run during the Super Bowl? No.

Was The Gipper an elitist for following a sport like yachting?

Nor was President George W. Bush criticized for attending baseball games with Bud Selig during wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. And Selig IS a Marxist.

And let’s not even get started on W’s attendance of the Olympics in China

or his hanging with Madden, Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones at the baseball All-Star game

In short, ALL politicians try to use sports to attract voters. Republicans and Democrats.


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