Dez Bryant busted for wearing baggy pants at the mall

There are a lot of criminals in the National Football League.  Some players have done some truly heinous things. Randy McMichael beat his six month pregnant wife, hitting her in the stomach. Denver Broncos DB Perrish Cox is an accused rapist. Jarramy Stevens alone is a one-man crime spree. Stevens had a SWAT team called on him in college. He once drunkenly drove a car into a nursing home and also showed up for a weekend DUI jail appearance drunk. This offseason Stevens was arrested for selling weed AND assault. Hell, New England Patriots safety Brandon Mayweather may have shot a couple people this offseason.

There are so many football players being arrested that Pro Football Talk, the premier NFL website, has an entire “Turd Watch”/police blotter section. Still, PFT has an hilarious article about the latest NFL player who had a brush with the law. Dez Bryant had a fairly checkered college career at Oklahoma State. Bryant managed to stay clean his rookie season with the Dallas Cowboys “until now.” Bryant got into a confrontation with Dallas mall cops. He was cited with criminal trespass after being caught “creating a scene” by walking through the mall with baggy pants that exposed part of his underwear.

Bryant gas been banned from the mall for 90 days.

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