Start the Carmelo Anthony suicide watch

It’s hard to believe that there can be somebody that hardcore New York basketball fans hate more than Stephon Marbury. However, that was before Carmelo Anthony arrived at The Garden to personally destroy what had been a pretty successful season for Mike D’Antoni and the Knicks.

Saturday night, New York lost its sixth straight NBA game. Charlotte beat New York 114-106 as the Knicks horrible defense kept getting torched by waiver wire scrubs like Dominic McGuire and Shaun Livingston. To add further humiliation to the league’s coldest team, the Denver Nuggets, Melo’s former club, is now 11-4 since the Knicks/Nuggets megatrade. It’s more than just blog fodder, the Nuggets are literally “better off” without Anthony.

Melo spent this entire season orchestrating, conniving and manipulating his trade to the Knicks-a deal that has now blown up in his and everybody else in New York’s faces. The Knicks gave up half their club and three draft picks to acquire Anthony rather than just wait a couple of months and sign him as a free agent this summer. BIG mistake. While Raymond Felton, Danillo Galinari and Wilson Chandler have all been solid additions to the Nuggets, Anthony and fellow superstar Amare’ Stoudemire have had all the on-court chemistry of Uma Thurman and Ralph Fiennes in the movie “The Avengers.”

The Knicks were assumed to be a playoff lock this season but have now fallen to under .500 and seventh in the Eastern Conference. Hindsight being 20/20, everybody is now second-guessing the Anthony trade. Hell, things are so bad that even LeBron James now feels sorry for Anthony because fans hate him so badly. Naturally, the tabloids are now deservedly KILLING Melo:

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