Death to the BCS!

John Junker, Fiesta Bowl


Just as we predicted!

Following numerous criminal acts, the Fiesta Bowl may be defunct. The BCS has announced they are going to make the Fiesta Bowl petition to get back into the Bowl Championship Series. Ouch! This follows an investigation which revealed former Fiesta Bowl CEO John Junker bribed politicians and used tax exempt money to go to strip clubs. Junker also threw himself a $30,000 birthday party with 501(3)(C) non-profit money. He was fired today by the Fiesta Bowl.

The Fiesta Bowl was destroyed thanks to the heroic efforts of Playoff PAC. The organization obtained the Fiesta Bowl’s tax records under the Freedom of Information Act. They determined that the Fiesta Bowl and Junker broke numerous tax and federal¬†election laws. Playoff PAC did their own investigation following a 2009 expose by an Arizona newspaper.

Should the Fiesta Bowl go away as an official BCS game, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is already waiting in the wings to introduce a revised Cotton Bowl held at Cowboys Stadium as a Bowl Championship Series substitute.

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