Glenn Beck tv show is going away on Fox

Glenn Beck and the Fox News Channel made joint statements today saying that the entertainer’s daily television show on the network will come to an end some time this year. Beck will continue to produce a “variety of projects” for Fox News.

Last month, the New York Times had reported that Beck was considering leaving Fox to start his own channel. Beck makes an estimated $32 million a year. Only $2 million of that comes from his Fox television show. The liberal group Media Matters had reported that there was tension between Fox and Beck because of the multitude of advertisers that boycotted Beck’s television show. Media Matters called the Beck show “financially unviable”

Media Matters claims Beck cost Fox News 300 advertisers and lost one million viewers in the last year.


One Response to “Glenn Beck tv show is going away on Fox”

  1. David Dierking Says:

    Best news I’ve heard all day!

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