Name-dropping pervert Pat O’Brien missing from his radio show


One of the most bizarre radio hirings in recent memory occured last August when Fox Sports Radio hired washed up pervert and egomaniac Pat O’Brien to join the cast of their “Loose Cannons” show. O’Brien was a high profile sports announcer with CBS in the ’80’s. He subsequently was a Hollywood gossip anchor on “Entertainment Tonight” and “The Insider.”

O’Brien had been ostracized and unemployable since his media career fell off he face of the earth following a crazy cocaine and alcohol fueled incident in 2006. A drunken O’Brien left an unknown woman a series of sexually suggestive voicemails. The woman released the voicemails on the Internet and O’Brien was briefly a national laughingstock. Nevertheless, Fox Sports hired O’Brien last summer.

Today, O’Brien, who has a long history of drug and alcohol abuse, didn’t show up for his radio show. Veteran sports talk show host Mike North is filling in for O’Brien. The show announced that O’Brien  would be out “indefinitely.” O’Brien had been behaving bizarrely on the air recently. He started randomly crying during a “Loose Cannons” segment and t-shirt giveaway earlier this week. Last week, a rambling, incoherrent O’Brien went on a rant where he seriously talked about why he should be in the basketball Hall of Fame.

There was no reason given for O’Brien’s absence from “Loose Cannons” but his hiring seems to be another genius move by soon-to-be-unemployed Fox Sports Radio head Don Martin.


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4 Responses to “Name-dropping pervert Pat O’Brien missing from his radio show”

  1. Mike G Says:

    Pat O’Brien is a complete disgrace as a person and human being. He should never be allowed to work in the limelight again. He lost all credibility when he made those sexually explicit calls to that woman’s voicemail and when he circulated that condescending email about his coworker Lara Spencer. This guy is a media joke and laughingstock. Hurry up and die!!!

  2. some are sicker than others Says:

    If Pat O’brien was a racehorse they would dragged him into the infield and put him down a long, long, time ago. Biggest fool on planet earth, not one ounce of humility. A life long mediocre hack with Ruthian self centered ego.

  3. lance Baffert Says:

    I can’t believe this guy is still on the radio. I know my friends and I are the demographic they are going after. Male, mid thirties, educated, professional. Everyone I know has stopped listening to this garbage. All because of this insecure douchebag.

  4. some are sicker than others Says:

    if Pat Obrien were a race horse they would have put him out of his misery a long time ago. Ego run riot. What a pathetic name dropping loser. He still doesn’t get it. He’s a cartoon.

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