Hippie Sonics fan ambushes Howard Schultz at Issaquah Costco



Backstabbing former NBA owner Howard Schultz got his comeuppance in the Seattle area recently when a blogger/website producer made a cellphone tape of himself screaming at and berating the Starbucks head.

Schultz is the former owner of the Sonics who sold the club to carpetbagging Oklahoman Clay Bennett, who moved the franchise to Oklahoma City. Rather than being ashamed to show his face in the Seattle area, Schultz was doing a book signing at the Issaquah, Washington Costco. Ironically, Schultz’s book is entitled “Onward: How Starbucks Fought for Its Life Without Losing Its Soul.” Many Seattle inhabitants would probably make the argument against Schultz (or Starbucks) even having a soul.

The guy who taped his confrontation with Schultz is reportedly Adam Brown of Sonicsgate.org. Brown first tapes himself standing in line for the Schultz book signing. When Brown reaches the front of the line, he screams at Schultz at the top of his lungs, “YOU’RE A PIECE OF SHIT!!! YOU BETRAYED THE WHOLE CITY OF SEATTLE!”

Brown then inexplicably goes to the back of the line to wait to yell at Schultz again. Brown is thrown out of the store by Costco security and an Issaquah cop. Watch the above video and see if you can determine what is more hilarious:

* there are three whole people waiting in line to get Howard Schultz’s autograph

* Brown’s ’70s Sonics attire including a foam hat

* an indignant Brown telling security he “hadn’t caused a scene”  after he just TAPED HIMSELF CAUSING A SCENE

* an apparently befuddled Brown speculating on-camera why he got thrown out of Costco-guessing it must have been his clothes

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