National nightmare is over: New York Wiffle Ball ban is lifted

 I guess it is possible to embarrass politicians after all.

Less than one day after their idiotic attempt to impose regulations and possible bans on childrens games and activities like Wiffle Ball, dodgeball and Freeze Tag, New York State Department of Health officials are scurrying for cover like cockraches. Albany bureaucrats rescinded a list of kids summer camp activities that were proposed for heavy regulation after being listed as posing a “significant risk of health.”

Under a proposed addition to a 2009 law, New York Sumer Camps would not have been able to allow children to play Wiffle Ball or participate in a long list of childrens games without paying the state hundreds of dollars and hiring extra medical staff. Fribee, tug of war and sack races had already been banned in the original law.

However, after howls of derision and ridicule throughout the entire country, Albany backed off and rescinded the regulations.



One Response to “National nightmare is over: New York Wiffle Ball ban is lifted”

  1. Wayne K Says:

    They conveniently passed the blame on to the predecessor once they knew they were going to get caught, otherwise they would of made this stick!! New York is officially the “Nanny State” and setting the standard for the sissification of America. And people wonder why our country is in the shape it’s in?

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