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Lindsay Lohan to jail!

April 23, 2011


TMZ has the details of how a California judge “threw the book at” actress Lindsay Lohan Friday. Lohan was sentenced to 120 days in county jail for a probation violation charge-making off with a $2,500 necklace from a Venice Beach jewelry store.

In addition to the jail time, Lohan has to perform 360 hours of community service-a third of those hours at the L.A. County morgue. She was released on bail pending appeal.

Most embarrassing sports injury of the day

April 21, 2011

A soccer player was reportedly hospitalized for five days after being injured in an incident of “horesplay” with his teammates. During a drunken postgame party, the 37-year-old Welsh midfielder mooned his teammates-one of whom promptly stuck a pool cue up his ass. The player suffered “severe” injuries and was in the hospital for five days.

Chargers safety sues Alka-Seltzer

April 21, 2011


San Diego Chargers safety Eric Weddle is suing the makers of Alka-Seltzer for using his image without permission. Boxes of the pain reliever featured Weddle’s picture from his college days at Utah. Apparently, had the University of Utah or the NCAA sold Weddle’s photo he wouldn’t have a case since the safety signed away his rights when he accepted a scholarship. Pro Football Talk, though, points out that Utah didn’t sell the picture.

National nightmare is over: New York Wiffle Ball ban is lifted

April 20, 2011

 I guess it is possible to embarrass politicians after all.

Less than one day after their idiotic attempt to impose regulations and possible bans on childrens games and activities like Wiffle Ball, dodgeball and Freeze Tag, New York State Department of Health officials are scurrying for cover like cockraches. Albany bureaucrats rescinded a list of kids summer camp activities that were proposed for heavy regulation after being listed as posing a “significant risk of health.”

Under a proposed addition to a 2009 law, New York Sumer Camps would not have been able to allow children to play Wiffle Ball or participate in a long list of childrens games without paying the state hundreds of dollars and hiring extra medical staff. Fribee, tug of war and sack races had already been banned in the original law.

However, after howls of derision and ridicule throughout the entire country, Albany backed off and rescinded the regulations.


Michael Vick THIS close to going from social pariah to Madden 12 cover

April 19, 2011

Quarterback Michael Vick (Photo by Drew Hallowell/Philadelphia Eagles/Getty Images)

The line of the day comes from Yahoo! Sports blogger Chris Chase who writes, “Letting people vote for things is how America ended up with Jimmy Carter, Purple M&Ms and Taylor Hicks.”

Just think, it was only 21 months ago  that Michael Vick was serving hard prison time in Leavenworth for dog fighting. Now, the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback, alias Ron Mexico, is so popular with football fans that he just advanced to the final round of voting to see who will be on the cover of the EA Sports video game Madden 12.  That’s a pretty significant comeback in popularity for a guy that four months ago tv pundit Tucker Carlson said should be executed.

It will be either Vick or Cleveland Browns running back Peyton Hillis who grace the cover of Madden 12. Hillis would be the most anonymous player ever to be a Madden cover boy. The former journeyman/7th round pick had breakthrough season with the Browns last year rushing for 1,177 yards. In fact, Hillis was the first white guy to rush for 1,000 yards in the National Football League in 26 years.

Considering the Madden Curse, Vick may NOT want to be on the cover. Besides, who wants to be on the cover of the video game for the year that the NFL cancelled its season?

Latest Lady Gaga song designed to outrage

April 18, 2011


The newest Lady Gaga song is drawing howls of protest from conservatives and religious figures throughout the country. The song, which contains the lyrics “I’m still in love with Judas,” has been condemned by the president of the Catholic League for being anti-religious.


Let Santorum be Santorum

April 17, 2011

Damn you,  Internet!

Now, in addition to his Google/Anal Sex Problem, possible Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum has been caught stealing his campaign slogan from a pro-union, pro-immigrant , pro-welfare poem by a dead, gay, black Harlem poet.

Langston Hughes originally penned the phrase, “Let America be America.”

Feds shut down online poker industry

April 16, 2011

In a dramatic move, the FBI has seized the assets of three of the top online poker companies in the world and indicted their executives on charges of bank fraud, money laundering and illegal gambling. Three high-level officials from, Full Tilt Poker and Absolute Poker were busted and eight others indicted. The government is also going after three billion dollars of the companies assets.

When you log onto these internet poker sites, the FBI has posted the following:


The amazing thing is the entire online poker industry was apparently toppled by ONE guy. According to various Australian and U.S. media reports, “boy genius” internet entrepreneur Daniel Tzvetkoff rolled over on his former employers Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars. Tzvetkoff made those companies billions of dollars. According to Australia’s Courier-Mail, they were paying him $150,000 a day but Tzvetkoff got greedy. He allegedly stole $150 million from  PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker.

When Tzvetkoff was visiting Las Vegas last April, either PokerStars or Full Tilt “ratted him out.” Tzvetkoff was busted on the same fraud, money laundering and gambling charges the online executives recently arrested now face. As a foreigner with huge amounts of cash, he was deemed a flight risk and denied bail. Tzvetkoff faced decades in prison. So, he flipped. As put it,

“They ratted him out…and he turned the tables. No honor among thieves.”

Tzvetkoff is also the man who figured out ways for online betters in the U.S. to set up accounts to get around the 2006 law passed by Congress that bans internet gambling.

There have already been a wave of stories in various media outlets like the New York Times describing how Congress may re-legalize and tax online gambling as a source of revenue. Last year, the House Financial Services Committe approved such a proposal. However, it never became law. Instead, the feds are looking to go after up to $3 billion from PartyPoker, Full Tilt Poker and absolute Poker.

What happens to your money if you’re one of the thousands upon thousands of Americans with money in one of these poker company’s accounts? Good question. That remains unclear. However, the feds have claimed they’re only going after the $3 billion from the online poker companies. If those companies satisfy the government by eventually paying the $3 billion themselves, their customers’ accounts may be released. That’s what happened in 2007 when a company called Netteller was busted for setting up accounts for the purpose of gambling online. They were busted by the feds but most people ended up getting their money back. On the other hand, you could argue that the very act of gambling or playing poker for money online was made illegal by Congress in 2006 and betters have forfeited the money by participating in an illegal act.

Over 1.8 million Americans reportedly play poker online, spending over $6 billion.

You know you’re a loser when your “life coach” quits in disgust

April 15, 2011


Former Oakland Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell has already been tagged as the “biggest bust in NFL history.” He was also known as a fat candy addict who was once photographed on the sidelines of a Raiders game with Skittles tucked into his uniform. After a short and spectacularly failed football career, Russell was then arrested for dealing cough syrup. 

Now, Russell has been hit with yet another “all-time low.” Former NBA player, recovered drug addict and famed counselor John Lucas has quit as Russel’s “life coach.” Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports wrote about Russel’s latest debacle, Thursday. The Cole article quoted a source as saying “it’s over” for Russell at the age of 25.

Lenny Dykstra arrested

April 15, 2011


Former New York Mets and World Series star Lenny Dykstra was arrested and charged with bankruptcy fraud on Friday. Dykstra had surrendered his two multi-million dollar mansions in bankruptcy proceeding. He is accused by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Los Angeles of going back into those properties and stealing back some of his items he had already surrendered to the bankruptcy court.

Dykstra’s bail is $500,000. He had been hyped as some type of idiot savant stock picker by financial “experts” like CNBC huckster Jim Cramer: